Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organization responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK.  The SIA has two main duties. One is the compulsory licensing of individuals undertaking designated activities within the private security industry; the other is to manage a voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme, which measures private security suppliers against independently assessed criteria.

    1.    How much does the course cost in GBP, US Dollars and Czech Crowns, and can I pay in Installments?

    The full cost of the course including accommodation and meals is GBP 3,550. 

    We can arrange a payment plan to suit your needs. Providing you have paid 60% or more of the course fees prior to the course starting, you can then pay the outstanding balance upon arrival.

    2.    How long is the course?

    The Course is 18 Days long - 12 Days Close Protection, 3 Days FPOS and 3 Days Weapons package

    3.    What qualifications will I gain from the course?

    You will gain the BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection and BTEC Level 2 FPOS.  The BTEC qualifications will allow you to apply for your SIA License in Close Protection, which is a mandatory requirement to work both in UK and hostile environments around the world.

    4.     How do I book a course?

    To book any of our courses, go to our Event Calendar.

    5.     Will I get a job with your company if I pass the course and get my SIA license?

    GEO-SSL is constantly looking for talented operators to work for our company both in UK and abroad.  All students that successfully complete our courses will be considered as a priority for any potential positions with GEO-SSL. GEO-SSL also have relationships to provide other security companies with operators should they need qualified men and women.

    6.     I have done a course in the past, which is not recognized by the SIA.  Is it possible to do a refresher CP course with GEO-SSL, if so, does your refresher course meet the criteria and modules laid down by the SIA to apply for a frontline SIA license?

    Prior to the course start date and candidates wishing to attend our three day refresher course must provide the following:

    • An up to date CV highlighting Close Protection work and experience
    • Letter of recommendation from employer (Operations Manager), verifying your employment status.
    • Copy of any previous CP course certificates
    • Full set of Op orders  - with venue and route recce (details will be issued)

    7.     Are there any dispensation or exemption conditions for other personnel previously qualified or experienced in Close Protection?

    Arrangements for exemption and Accreditation and Learning (APL) are as follows:

    Close Protection operatives who have previously received formal close protection training and are currently employed in an operational close protection role should present themselves to an approved Training Centre with evidence of the training they have received. Depending on the date and content of the training they have taken and to what extent the training covered the learning objectives of the new Close Protection course for licensing, they will be directed to take either the full 140 hours full Close Protection Course and 40 hours FPOS or the 24 hour Guided Learning Hours Refresher Course.

    Candidates who have completed formal close protection training from the organizations listed below and have remained in an operational close protection role, will be exempt from further training but will be required to take the knowledge test and a practical skills assessment.

    • Special Air Service regiment Body Guard Instructors Course
    • Royal Military Police Close Protection Instructors Course
    • Metropolitan Police Royalty Protection/Special Branch Close Protection Course
    • Police National Close Protection Courses including Northern Ireland

    Please note: It is important to ensure that training remains current. Therefore, qualifications allowing exemption from the SIA approved training must be no more than three years old, except where otherwise stated.

    All candidates must sit the final on line Edexcel Exam and also participate in the practical skills assessments.

    8.      How do I find out if I am eligible to attend the 3 day refresher course in Close Protection?

    The Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) application form can be found here. Please fill it in, attach all necessary documentation and forward it to GEO-SSL for consideration.

    9.     Do I need to bring a Laptop with me for the course?

    Our training establishment is equipped with sufficient IT equipment during the course, as well as Wi-Fi connection. However a personal laptop would be very useful for any out of hours course work.

    10.  Do I have to apply for an SIA license on completion of the course?

    Providing you successfully pass the final exam and you are awarded your unique Edexcel verification  code to confirm that you passed the exam.  You will then be personally responsible for applying for your own SIA License. The SIA level 3 Close Protection (frontline) license is a fundamental requirement for all security contracts in UK and overseas.

    11.  I have heard of companies that are claiming to be accredited, and then not issuing the correct qualifications after their courses. Is your company accredited with Edexcel?

    Yes, our Instructors are all City and Guilds accredited.  We are aware that there are a lot of bogus companies, who falsely display either City and Guilds or Edexcel logos on their websites. Here in Prague, GEO-SSL is the only recognized Accredited Edexcel site of learning in Conflict Management, BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection and FPOS Level 2 in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.

    12.  Do you accept civilians (with no Military or Police Training) onto your courses?

    Yes, some of our best attendees in the past have come from a non military/police background. Everyone can bring something to the party.  These attendees often attend our courses with preconceived ideas and are therefore more open to training and development with GEO-SSL’s methodology of training.  All attendees will receive individual attention according to their needs and experience, and thus will be treated on their individual merit.

    13.  I am a female and would like to attend your course.  Is your course suitable for woman and do you also have separate accommodation for woman?

    At GEO-SSL, we believe that woman can operate as effectively as men in the Close Protection environment, ,and as such we treat all students equally irrespective of gender.  As for future employment for woman in the industry, there are many clients today that insist only on having females as their close protection.  For example Arabs, families with children and both male and female film stars who insist on a female bodyguard to enhance their own image.

    As for accommodation, all the rooms provided for the attendees during the course are single rooms with en-suite facilities.