Our Security Academy is Edexcel registered and SIA affiliated Delivery Centre for Practical Learning and Educational Skills.

During our BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Courses, GEO-SSL are always looking for potential and suitable candidates for any forthcoming security projects. The caveat being that all personnel must be fully qualified (including weapons training) as part of the HECP Course. It should be emphasized that this course will be a selection process, and that future employment for this project is not guaranteed for all candidates.

Based in Central Europe and situated in Prague, Czech Republic. GEO-SSL offers a large training facility with classrooms, ranges, situational awareness training circuits and evasive driving training areas.

GEO-SSL is capable of structuring a variety of individual and dedicated courses for people wanting to qualify and/or re-qualify with professional security industry skills. We cater for the following: Government, Military, Police, Civil Sector, Corporates and Individuals.

Our Security Academy bases the course content on pre-requisite Edexcel, City & Guilds standards therefore providing Internationally Recognised Conflict Management and Medical Courses that include:

  • CP (Close Protection)– Edexcel Level 3 BTEC
  • HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)
  • First Person on Scene (Edexcel Level 2 BTEC Award IHCD)
  • Lone Medic (Medic in Remote Areas)

All successful learners engaged on the GEO-SSL Level 3 Close Protection course will be eligible to apply for a UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) Close Protection Operative license. GEO-SSL will offer advice and assistance with the application process during the training course.

For further information of upcoming courses, please see our Event calendar.

As the requirements for armed security is commonplace in many regions, GEO-SSL’s courses cater for this by incorporating dry and live firing drills (Standing Operational Procedures) as part of our course syllabus where applicable. Unlike other Companies, GEO-SSL's fair price policy includes Accommodation, all Meals, within Country Transportation and VAT.


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