Security Services

Where an Organization has assets, physical, financial or employees in high-risk situations, GEO-SSL is able to provide reassurance that they are protected by an operation with the highest level of skill and experience.

GEO-SSL is an immediate and up-to-date service provider for all our clients.

Recent political and military events around the world have produced environments in which national, corporate and personal security requirements have changed forever. As a consequence a number of new business opportunities have emerged in the security sector.

GEO-SSL specializes in the provision of security solutions. We are able to provide security-training teams, asset protection and risk management services to corporate, government, VIP and humanitarian organizations across the world. Our infrastructure has been in place since 2003.

Whatever the requirement, GEO-SSL has skills and expertise available to put client's mind at rest. Supported by highly knowledgeable management team. The capability for rapid response and deployment is unsurpassed.

GEO-SSL specializes in providing risk management and analysis in high and moderate risk conflict areas. Historically, GEO-SSL operated extensively in Iraq; having undergone an ambitious restructuring and expansion exercise that enabling GEO-SSL to compete more broadly and more effectively in the global security market with current global commitments focusing in Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

We exercise the utmost client confidentiality, protecting the full spectrum of a program, ranging from personnel and equipment to sites, facilities and documents. Our programs are based on the quality of personally and carefully vetted employees who are true experts, the sort of relationship only available through a boutique security provider. The highest standards of experience enable us to focus our skills to provide individualized solutions for our clients.

Key functions and roles that GEO-SSL undertakes include; close protection (CP), corporate and individual protection, mobile work-site security, convoy protection, force protection, key-point security, security audits, area orientation intelligence briefs, technical security services, indigenous forces training and combined work-ability and intelligence related services.

Importantly, our key personnel are some of the most experienced and professional operatives in the field today.